CS-IoTCloud – IoT Cloud Platform

CS-IoTCloud IoT cloud Platform for users to achieve rapid mass device access.Support a variety of embedded devices, sensors, industrial equipment fast access in 1-3 days, and provide to fast docking data display, Big data analysis, machine learning. Platform-specific multi-connection protocol, encryption protocol, private deployment, to meet all the customer’s own needs.
The system adopts k8s/container + Golang architecture, which has a very high single point and cluster performance. Easily support millions concurrent access at lower system deployment costs. With the CSI’s Big Data platform CS-InsightCloud, AI’s Cloud management platform CS-AICloud, greatly improve the user’s ability and efficiency in big data analysis processing, artificial intelligence fault prediction and value analysis decision. Match the upcoming CS-EdgeFog Edge Computing platform to prepare for future IoT industry subversion.

IoT cloud Platform-IP composition

Through the IoT Core platform products to meet the needs of industry users to quickly build their own IoT ecosystem.
-The system can be rapidly deployed through a private cloud, a public cloud, with high resiliency, high performance, and high availability features.
-Build a multi-industry, highly customized ecosystem with industry partners with very low access and transmission costs.
-Provides a convenient management-side UI and multi-tenant mechanism.